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  1. DB Cooper

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    I like to think he got away with it all....
    Why's that?
    Well gee, that was a let down. Paging Geraldo
  2. Tejas Race Thread

    jet dryers working the enterence to pit row now. Seems to be responding a bit better
  3. start of the race was awesome!

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    don't know if this has been discussed, but they were lined up great!
    I haven't seen it mentioned but I agree. The lineup coming to the green was the best I've seen in years (maybe decades).
  4. It's Race Day in Indianapolis... 2016 Indianapolis 500 Thread

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    Castroneves had NOTHING to do with that. Once you are in the fast lane people have to blend around you.
    That one was on Bell.
  5. Black fence at IMS

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    So if I start wearing black will chicks think I am taller?
    You should go with vertical stripes. They're slimming.
    damn, beat me to it! It makes the track look slimmer