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  1. OT- Gary Lee passes

    Quote Originally Posted by Glenn View Post
    What a great race announcer. I still have wonderful memories of watching Thursday Night Thunder with my boys. We could not wait for Thursdays to come!
    Condolences to the family.

    Man, I miss the old "The Nashville Network" and that six string logo.
  2. Progress on Aerokits and the new floor

    Quote Originally Posted by jkeener24 View Post
    I'm surprised no one has commented on the loss of the overhead air intake.
    Maybe the intake stays, but the engine cover is open. I don't know, but I'm surprised and have a positive reaction to the number of area which are opened up for the kits. I expect that even with a new floor to reduce downforce, the cars next year will be significantly faster on the road courses.
  3. 2014 Indianapolis 500 preview

    Some where every year I do a prediction thread, story page some where on the internet about the Indianapolis 500. Figured this is as good as place to do it this year.

    I'm actually more excited for the race this year then I have been for years, in fact this one will be the first 500 I've attended since 2009.

    The excitement comes from the fact that returning former winners Juan Pablo Montoya and Jacques Villenueve along with former NASCAR champion Kurt Busch will be in ...
  4. Can't figure why this house won't sell

    Quote Originally Posted by MadisonIndyFan View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by comfortably numb View Post
    How do you feel about trees and bushes?
    my preference.

    Burt Munro says you should only pee on lemon trees.
  5. Races ending under yellow

    The sport needs to adapt to what the fans want, or invent something better.
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