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  1. Black fence at IMS

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    So if I start wearing black will chicks think I am taller?
    You should go with vertical stripes. They're slimming.
    damn, beat me to it! It makes the track look slimmer
  2. No wings, no bumers, no airbox... and a halo

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    Excuse my art skills... but I wanted to visualize where I feel IndyCar probably needs to be headed with all the factors at play.

    All of this is a pipe dream but I'd be interested in sparking some discussion.

    EDIT: Bumpers... not bumers as the title suggests... lol
    Don't know about the rest but you may soon get your wish regarding the airbox...
    Hrrrrr? What say you? Tell me more?
  3. The Product Needs Serious Fixing By Indy

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    Why you would think that a 2.whatever mile road course would race anywhere near the same as Indianapolis is beyond me.

    Lay off the coors
    all im saying is that I am here and People are vocally complaining about the lack of action . This is the most boring barber race sicne 2010
  4. Doyel Not a Fan of Aerokits...

    That guy is amoung the very worst there is in that business

    Do not waist your time even thinking about taking him seriously

    He is horrible

    What's worse is I guarantee you that if you asked him he would agmit that he knows nothing and doesn't care to know anything about racing
  5. Homestead--Sprint

    Nice job, Kyle. A helluva comeback from a serious injury, incredible focus and hard work wins the big one.

    As for NASCAR's pathetic manipulation of the championship...right down to a bogus yellow flag with 10 laps to go...they continue to bastardize what used to be a great sport, and the decline will continue.