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  1. One Of The Dumbest Articles Ever Written

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    Participation trophies for all. I love the words "it's just not fair" . The real world ain't fair, Get over it kid. I swear we are creating a society of little weenies. Wait til the next world war and we will see how these kids do. They have had it far too easy for far to long. If you can't take missing the field of the 500, then your going to have a real tough time with life in the next 50 years.
    This article, and most of the opinions expressed therein, is trash. Couldn’t believe what ...
  2. Bronze Badge

    Came across this on the IMS twitter feed.

    Purchase Bronze Today for $135:00

    As of April 1st,2018 badge price goes up to $150:00
  3. Picks 2018. Info and ALL Picks in here. Final entry THUR 22 March 21:00 EDT

    [QUOTE=mrooke;4334170]The rules have changed slightly to those of 2017, please see: -

    Please post 'ALL your Picks' in this thread, for the 'first' race of the season, Melbourne & the 2018 Driver / Constructor championships, before the first practice session of the weekend, which is 21:00 THURSDAY, 22 March EDT, (01:00 Friday 23 March GMT).

    Thanks and good luck everyone.

  4. Ferrari interested in IndyCar, according to Italian newspaper

    Quote Originally Posted by KevMcNJ View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by cornbread#73 View Post
    To be honest this rumour comes up every now and then...I will believe it when I see it
    Welcome back.

    Where the hell have you been?

    I would love Seeing a Ferrari in The 500 Mile Race

    Plus it'd be fun watching every internet F1 snob's head explode simultaneously
  5. Why Don't Sweatpants Have Flies?

    Just to **** you off.
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