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  1. USGS Estimates 20 Billion Barrels of Oil in Texas’ Wolfcamp Shale Formation

  2. Penske makes interesting comments about 2017 drivers

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    I believe in what Robin Miller said in that second chances are very rare with Roger and denying Penske outright like RHR did IMO puts him on Roger's "no second chance" list. I've seen many people on here suggesting that RHR regrets his choice to stay with Andretti but I don't think it's that bad. The situation is frustrating right now but RHR is still one of the winiest drivers since he signed with AA and plus that Indy 500 champion has a nice ring to it. Don't forget he beat a Penske
  3. DB Cooper

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    I like to think he got away with it all....
    Why's that?
    Well gee, that was a let down. Paging Geraldo
  4. Tejas Race Thread

    jet dryers working the enterence to pit row now. Seems to be responding a bit better
  5. It's Race Day in Indianapolis... 2016 Indianapolis 500 Thread

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    Castroneves had NOTHING to do with that. Once you are in the fast lane people have to blend around you.
    That one was on Bell.