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  1. Ferrari interested in IndyCar, according to Italian newspaper

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    To be honest this rumour comes up every now and then...I will believe it when I see it
    Welcome back.

    Where the hell have you been?

    I would love Seeing a Ferrari in The 500 Mile Race

    Plus it'd be fun watching every internet F1 snob's head explode simultaneously
  2. Why Don't Sweatpants Have Flies?

    Just to **** you off.
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  3. Indycar engine development agreement, new formula coming

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    Faster, louder more HP and OEM's. Yes, yes, yes. Turn those new engines into horsepower and sonic monsters. Earplugs mandatory.

    F1 eat your hearts out.
    I would be shocked if it's not some take on the CART V8 formula, maybe even a 2.2 or 2.0. Look at the moves being made, listen to the rhetoric, there seems to be a strong push to make this thing CART 1995. I joked a few months ago about them changing the name of the series to CART, again I wouldn't exactly be shocked.
  4. Gary Bettenhausen post-Penske

    No blog entry.

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  5. Origin of Window Over Terre Haute?

    But the crowd fell for it every time and would give a cheer every time he would announce ot
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