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  1. Indycar engine development agreement, new formula coming

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    Faster, louder more HP and OEM's. Yes, yes, yes. Turn those new engines into horsepower and sonic monsters. Earplugs mandatory.

    F1 eat your hearts out.
    I would be shocked if it's not some take on the CART V8 formula, maybe even a 2.2 or 2.0. Look at the moves being made, listen to the rhetoric, there seems to be a strong push to make this thing CART 1995. I joked a few months ago about them changing the name of the series to CART, again I wouldn't exactly be shocked.
  2. Gary Bettenhausen post-Penske

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    As I remember, Gary’s arm was badly broken, but the real problem was nerve damage the effected elbow and shoulder movement. He still could grip the steering wheel, however.
    Plus, sometime prior to when he made an appearance in the 1996 U.S. 500, he underwent surgery that was supposed to improve his arm's function, but it went wrong and he was much worse off. It took several months of therapy to get back to somewhat where he was.
  3. Origin of Window Over Terre Haute?

    But the crowd fell for it every time and would give a cheer every time he would announce ot
  4. Would you welcome Valentino Rossi?

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    Moto-X guy Jeff Ward was pretty good racing open wheel.
    As was former AMA motorcycle champ Joe Leonard...

    We need a drag racer to enter as well

    We need the best no matter where they come from
  5. 1992 Indianapolis 500 Closest Finish 25th Anniversary Event @ IMS Museum In May

    the only 500 Mile Race I've missed since my first

    And I was a hard core little al fan at the time

    Still am really

    My dad was in ICU for three days at Vanderbilt hospital in Nashville after a horseback riding accident

    My brother and I listened to the race on the radio in between ICU visits

    Never forget Bob's call on that one