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  1. Blog Up and Running

    Hello hello from my racing blog here on my Trackforum profile!

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  2. Last Halfway of IndyCar Offseason

    Just the other day marked 94 days until the IndyCar Series gets back on the track- also marking 94 days since the 2014 finale.

    2015 will be an interesting year, with a few interesting drive changes and, of course, aero kits.

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  3. How NOT to Run Out the Clock

  4. Does Rossi get the promotion?

    Quote Originally Posted by Bezzen View Post
    Am I being a bit too cynical thinking that the main reason for only one car this weekend is that no driver (with a valid super licence) had enough time to get the cash together? :/
    Marussia has Rossi. Apparently they had a second car in Sochi, though it sounded like they weren't 100% finished prepping the car.

    I think it was a simple matter of respect for their injured driver and a team not entirely focused on the race. Chilton was downright awful this weekend and retired early. ...
  5. Melangton to IMS?

    [QUOTE=Shell51;3661912][QUOTE=prell5713;3661356]Are you special in some way? Normally when I read a post it seems emotionless. But man this one is chock full of something.[/QUOTE]

    He sounds a lot like a guy who posts a lot on the Facebook Indycar fan page...[/QUOTE]

    Yeah, thats me.