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  1. Harry Reid Injured

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    From USA Today: Adam Jentleson, the senator's communications director, told the Associated Press that the accident occurred when an elastic exercise band broke and hit Reid in the face, causing him to fall. As the senator fell, Jentleson said, Reid struck part of the equipment and broke several bones near his right eye. Reid then hit the floor and broke his ribs.
    What's ...
  2. How NOT to Run Out the Clock

  3. Does Rossi get the promotion?

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    Am I being a bit too cynical thinking that the main reason for only one car this weekend is that no driver (with a valid super licence) had enough time to get the cash together? :/
    Marussia has Rossi. Apparently they had a second car in Sochi, though it sounded like they weren't 100% finished prepping the car.

    I think it was a simple matter of respect for their injured driver and a team not entirely focused on the race. Chilton was downright awful this weekend and retired early. ...
  4. Melangton to IMS?

    [QUOTE=Shell51;3661912][QUOTE=prell5713;3661356]Are you special in some way? Normally when I read a post it seems emotionless. But man this one is chock full of something.[/QUOTE]

    He sounds a lot like a guy who posts a lot on the Facebook Indycar fan page...[/QUOTE]

    Yeah, thats me.
  5. F1 Silly Season

    If McLaren can lure Fred away, expect the Prancing Horse to make a play for Lewis and Bieber, in that order, with Hulkenberg their 3nd, but excellent, option. In the past Raikonnen has been able to change the car to fit his style, so I think Ferrari are keen to continue working with him. He did a bang-up job with Lotus in 2012, IIRC, bagging well over 150 points--IMO he's still got it. Mattiaci (sp?) is said to like him quite a bit.

    Boullion once said Grosjean could be WDC. Might McLaren ...