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  1. John Zink Trackburner Turbine

    In the 60's I used to go to the track with my Dad. I remember a turbine car that seemed to practice but I don't think ever tried to qualify for the Indy 500. Recently I heard that there was a issue of a delay in throttle response when exiting the turns. It was owned by John Zink of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Does anyone have any info on this turbine that they wish to share? I hope so and thanks for reading my post.
  2. Jackie Holmes and the six wheel car

    A few years back I went into an old TV Shop on West Washington Street and happened to meet and interesting fellow by the name of Jackie Holmes. He proceeded to tell me of his driving of a Six Wheel Car in the Indianapolis 500. He even produced an old framed B & W post qualifying print. Although he has long since passed away I was wondering if anyone could enlighten me on Jackie Holmes and his ride in the Six Wheel Indy Car?
  3. Josef Newgarden sign with SFR

    Quote Originally Posted by Jojow View Post

    Josef will drive with No. 67, good luck to him!!!
    Really hope this works out well for both him and Sarah. Josef is a super nice guy and can certainly drive I hope he has a good career in Indycar.
  4. Penn State Football

    It's days like this I miss Coach Knight.

    I know, football versus basketball, whatever. If I was going to allow my son to play college level sports, I know which coach I'd prefer to be his mentor.

    Wonder what he's thinking right now.
  5. Conway 2011 Season Recap

    To recap the 2011 season:

    1. St. Petersburg: Contact (Collected by carnage)
    2. Barber: Contact (Stupid Move)
    3. Long Beach: Win
    4. Sao Paulo: 6th (Electrical problems in the rain forced a restart toward the back of the field)
    5. Indy: DNQ (Whole team had speed/qualification problems)
    6. Texas 1: 24th after starting 22nd
    7. Texas 2: 17th after starting 24th
    8. Milwaukee: 12th after starting 20th
    9. Iowa: Contact (Collected by Ana Beatriz)
    10. Toronto: Contact (Collected by carnage)
    11. Edmonton:
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