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  1. Let's Discuss: Yugoslav/Balkan War Music

    Quote Originally Posted by KevMcNJ View Post
    Not at all surprised you knew that

    No Google for the lyrics I'm sure
    Long time admirer of the greatly missed Mr.Zevon.
    How can you not identify with a song like "My ****'s ****ed Up"?
    I'm guessing one of your favorites is "Hit Somebody! ( aka "The Hockey Song").
  2. Rate the race: 2015 Firestone 600 (TMS)

    6. IndyCars look great on the Texas track.

    Not a very competitive oval race, but there were some great individual battles.
  3. So what if danica does return to ic??

    She is better of staying in NASCAR and trying to get that first win in Grand National or Cup.

    Coming back to Indycar wouldn't add much at all to TV ratings. NASCAR fans of Danica I doubt would tran-send over to IC. If she however won the I500 or multiple races in IC then ratings may increase. But she struggles on road courses so I don't think today's Indycar would be for her if she lost a NASCAR ride. She ultimately was a product of the split and better suited to the IRL oval days. ...
  4. wristbands and one AM "curfew" being implemented in coke lot this year

  5. Race Day Traffic

    Quote Originally Posted by MoparsRule View Post
    I don't like broadcasting my full route but I might have to if veteran 500 goers are still complaining about being stuck in traffic.
    I took the bus from IUPUI. Greasy smooth.