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  1. Upgrades?

    Quote Originally Posted by PPGfan View Post
    I recently had my cable package upgraded for free when I threatened to leave for Direct TV.

    Pretty easy to get a free upgrade out of them.

    Ha, good point, try tickets though.

    You should try to deal with Comcast customer service.

    My question was about the 2016 tickets, trying to upgrade for the first time and just getting nervous because there is nothing mention on my account about the 500.
  2. Pocono Race Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Adrenaline View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by nascarnation View Post
    OTOH we have to be glad there are enough sponsors to keep this on a network that most of us can access.
    No, I'm talking about ALL shows nowdays. I think we pay for commercials.
    I think Pagenaud wants a ride in the Pace Car. !
  3. NBCSN Scanner Frequency?

    [QUOTE=indyfanmi;3865952]Going to the Pocono race tomorrow. Just got out my scanner for the first time since Indy.

    Does anyone know the frequencies that NBCSN uses for their broadcast feeds? I assume that the IMS radio frequency is the same as it was for Indy.[/QUOTE

    I used the freq in this link for the Iowa race
  4. Owners's Cabal

    Quote Originally Posted by Spike View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by jandj View Post
    You've proved my phone is smarter than I am.
    Yeah, the Motorola StarTAC is a sweet machine.

    Seriously, are you claiming you typed in "whose" and your phone changed it to "who's"? It doesn't work that way.

    Quote Originally Posted by jandj View Post
    You want to answer the ******* question?
    I already did. Do you want to answer mine?
    Man, I am humbled.
    Technology goes clunk.
    Doesn't change a thing about my original question.
  5. Derek Daly's Take On Fontana

    Right on Mr. Daly.

    Possibly the best race ever. Cars were all cattywapus through the turns.