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  1. Pruett silly season update

    Sage, Daly, Rossi, and Simona on the grid would make me very happy indeed.
  2. SB Sunday Winter Storm Warning

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    Let me clarify that the Chicago burbs are having satellite outages. Not just me, but dad, girlfriend, and posts on my facebook suggests a lot of people are having outages.
  3. How a new sport called ‘fowling’ was born

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    Yes, it has an IndyCar connection:

    ..a group of people from across the Midwest and South that attends the Indianapolis 500 every year..

    Every year, the group's members meet at the speedway, park their buses and RVs, circle the wagons to make a courtyard in the center, and embark upon a project to try to impress their neighbors. ...

    In 2000, the project turned out to be a bit too challenging. The group decided to build a bowling alley... nothing seemed
  4. Harry Reid Injured

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    From USA Today: Adam Jentleson, the senator's communications director, told the Associated Press that the accident occurred when an elastic exercise band broke and hit Reid in the face, causing him to fall. As the senator fell, Jentleson said, Reid struck part of the equipment and broke several bones near his right eye. Reid then hit the floor and broke his ribs.
    What's ...
  5. How NOT to Run Out the Clock