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  1. China race thread

    Quote Originally Posted by JimmyB10 View Post
    The real surprise is that Simona is keeping pace with the rest of the field. She actually has a shot at a podium in this one. Lotus must have figured something out.
    Oops, spoke too soon again. Now she's a lap down. That was quick.
  2. Q&A with Simona De Silvestro

    Quote Originally Posted by HVM Racing View Post
    That's right racing fans HVM Racing is holding the end of the month Q&A with Simona De Silvestro go to, like the FB page and ask your question. From Aug. 1-4 ask Simona De Silvestro your question and on Aug. 8 Simona will post the answers to your questions. What question are you going to ask? Don't hesitate ask now.
  3. hand wringing..

    hey, here i go again....

    went to the race at tms (thanks to some very good friends giving me a "spare" ticket)..

    welp, what did i see? i saw exactly what i have been watching for years.. an oval race where drivers drive and cars go fast. just like on saturday nite at hundreds of tracks across the nation.

    some of the cars are faster for whatever reason (hey i'm no engine geek or chassis engineer nor nuttin like that) some cars just go faster.. ...
  4. List of 500 Veterans attending the autograph sessions - Anyone have one?

    Quote Originally Posted by dohnuts7 View Post
    I see on Pippa's FB page that she'll be in the 1 o'clock group. Are there any other late additions to the list?
    There were a few additions. Affonso Giafonne included.
  5. Rindt to NASCAR if he'd lived??