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  1. NFL 2018

    Pretty good game tonight. I liked it.
  2. 2018 midterms

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    Here in the toss-up AZ Senate race to fill Flake's seat, the Green Party candidate withdrew and endorsed Kyrsten Sinema. Trouble is, it's less than a week to the election and her name will still be on the ballot. Plus, there's already been a huge number of early voters and mail-in ballots sent in. Maybe she just wants to be able to sleep better if McSally wins, but if Sinema ends up losing by less than the number of Green Party votes...
    As I said earlier, same thing happened ...
  3. Kavanaugh

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    It has been stated here that the "witnesses" do not back up CBF's story. That is not true. The only witnesses (if the account is true; and I lean toward that being the case) were CBF, Kav and Judge. Two of those people have a lot more reason to lie about this than she does.

    There are no other witnesses. As for the people downstairs: not recalling a small long-ago gathering where nothing memorable happened to you means nothing.

    Lindsey Graham says the Dems
  4. NFL 2018

  5. Wickens Updates v2.0

    Great video! Robert looks good despite all of the support devices. While he didn’t say directly, I assume he has no reason to think that getting back in a race car is out of the question, which can only mean good news for his recovery in general!! 😀
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