• Doing My Duty As a Fan

      Im a college student who is about to graduate this December. I just got done taking a public speaking class for the summer and for our final we had to give a 6-8 minute persuasive speech and I chose to do it on my passion, IndyCar!

      The class really seemed to enjoy it. I came at them with different angles, they really enjoyed the diversity aspect (ovals/road/streets/airports), surprisingly thought the car looked cool, some comparisons to Nascar & Formula One. Dont worry, I made IndyCar look very good.

      We have to leave time open for questions after our speech and the most questions anyone got after their speech was 2. I got 6! At first it was a competition of hands raising! You could feel the interest in the room. Hopefully I did my duty as a fan and made IndyCar some new fans.

      The class really seemed to enjoy my speech. Typically you have a few people day dream during every speech. From what I could see I had everyone's undivided attention.

      What I believe was the most powerful part of it was when I closed out with a story of Dan Wheldon and told them of the LV tragedy and how the fans and competitors reacted to it and what he meant to so many and it moved alot of people in that classroom. I could see it and feel it. I made them aware of the risks these drivers are under and also showed how fan friendly and accessible they are compared to other athletes. It was a very powerful speech from my perspective.

      My best friend who I am attending Sonoma with next week, three years ago didnt even know IndyCar existed! Now he's a huge fan. Apparently I have some strong persuasive skills. Not trying to brag.

      Hey Randy Bernard, I am open after graduation for employment. Judging by the ratings, I can see IndyCar needs help in gaining fans. I can help with this!
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