• newbie here, small introduction of myself (Italian Style) :)

      Hello guys. I’m a 38-year-old engineer from Italy and have been a huge indycar fan since 2000 more or less. I just think it’s the most thrilling and exciting motorsport ever and I especially love oval races: the speed, the drama , the excitement of the races are really breathtaking.

      I’ve been following this forum for a couple of years now and finally thought to be actively part of the community by starting with a short introduction of myself.

      I've been two times to the US on vacation with my girlfriend. In 2010
      we made a road trip along the east coast, last year we went for the west coast instead.

      We both were amazed by the beauty and variety of your country and can't wait to be back again soon in the future. This time we’d like to visit the central states or the southern attractions…but who knows, there's still so much time to think about it. Of course I'd also try to attend an Indycar race. It'd be a dream come true to finally be able to watch an Indycar race at the track instead of watching it on the tv.

      Well that’s all for now, I guess. The reason for my nickname is probably not too hard to guess: I'm madly in love with cornbread ;-)

      P.S. I know I’ll probably make a lot of mistakes in my writings... please be patient and feel free to correct me, I'd love to improve my poor english.
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