• New Idea: Sonoma Public View Party Thread. I'll Start: Wilmington, Del.

      The idea of public viewing parties at local sports bars, came up in Downforcer's thread http://www.trackforum.com/forums/sho...=1#post3129797 about making IndyCar the topic of his presentation for a Public Speaking class at college. Here's the idea:

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      [...] The lack of cable TV at home forces me to go out to sports bars to watch the races, and I have seen and heard a lot of people who normally wouldn't ever tune in an IndyCar race take a real interest once I get the race on one of the sets (which I always have to specifically request, by the way; even the Indy 500 is ignored by sports bars and sports fans unless someone specifically requests it and it is waved in front of their faces).

      I think going out such places to watch races in public rather than watching alone at home is an important step we can take to try to promote the sport. [...] (P)eople take an interest and get into it if it is in front of them (that's been my experience, anyway). Race watching parties at the local sports bar would be a great project and PR service to the sport for those of us able to do it. Take IndyCar out of the den/living room/basement and put it on public display, and show people your enthusiasm.
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      If you get a public place to put a race on the tube, we can do our small part here by posting notices of such "viewing parties" and uplinking them to twitter and facebook.

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      Now there's an idea, DIA! No wonder they made you more powerful than God.

      We should think about starting a "public viewing party" thread for each race, where anyone planning on going out to watch the race in public can mention it so anyone else in those areas can join in with other fans if they want to. TF may be a pretty small community, but between Twitter and Facebook, word would get out to an awful lot of people.

      I bet if you tell any place in advance that you will be bringing in a party of at least 5 or 10, you can get them to guarantee they'll tune in the race. I'll drop by my favorite place to watch races in the next couple of days and try to get them to commit to tuning in.
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      If you stick someone new in front of the this year's 500, I dont know how they couldnt become a fan.
      I think this a great way to bring IndyCar racing in front of the sports-viewing public. When they see good racing rather than boring NASCAR, some of them may actually notice. , and Doitagain said that he could promote public viewing parties by posting info on facebook and twitter.

      I spoke to a place I go to watch IndyCar races that (so far) can be counted on to get a race on at least one TV, even in NFL season (because it's a soccer bar, and they own an American stick-and-ball sports bar just nextdoor that all the football fans go to), and while I didn't get a firm, definite commitment, I got a "yeah, that should be no problem at all."

      The place: Catherine Rooney's Irish Pub, 1616 Delaware Avenue, Wilmington, Delaware 19806. http://www.catherinerooneys.com/home/

      If there is anyone else in the Wilmington area who intends to go there, please post here, because if I can go back and say there will be a party of more than just one, I'm sure we can get a commitment to put the race on one of the good TVs with a table that has the best view.


      EDIT: DIA, thanks for helping me find the thread again.
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