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      Writing about his return to the track in Baltimore and his charity, "Pink & Blue For Two".

      Pink and Blue for Two (PB42) is a unique and powerful cancer awareness campaign that links the strikingly similar statistics between breast and prostate cancers, while urging couples to remind one another to visit their Drís regularly for screenings.

      What makes our campaign so different to all others is multifaceted; Firstly, we emphasize the importance of early detection of BOTH breast and prostate cancers equally. While it is fabulous that breast cancer awareness is at the forefront of peopleís minds in recent years, prostate cancer awareness needs to be as well. Men are just as affected by the perils of prostate cancer, as woman are of breast cancer. Both should be equally addressed to the public.

      The second unique aspect of PB42, is how it brings all walks of life together, in the fight against cancer. Male and female, all ethnicities, and anyone over the age of 25, can and should be involved with this campaign.

      Last but not least, is how PB42 urges couples to remind one another to visit their Drís regularly for screenings of both types of cancers. When a person has their significant other helping to remind them, it makes the entire experience that much easier and more pleasant. Letís face it, us men donít have a desire to get a prostate exam performed, and we will most likely skip it if we can get away with it. But, if our wives and/or girlfriends are there to remind us to book the appointment (and to make us actually go!), chances are we will.

      Bottom lineÖPink and Blue for Two unites people everywhere in the pursuit of global breast and prostate cancer awareness, and to spread the work together in the importance of early detection.
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