• Nothing better than an All Access Pass all weekend

      Just a few random thoughts.
      I worked the race all weekend. I had a great time, even though I was "working" and not partying. Nothing better than an All Access Pass all weekend. for having barely 90 days t put this race together, It felt very well organized logistically. They responded to any issue that arose rapidly.
      -Even if you think you can take a set of RR tracks at 100 in an indycar, ask any local, he'll tell you you can't. No one needs to be an indycar driver to tell you it won't work.
      -Good LORD was it hot again Friday and Saturday. Today was a typical late summer Maryland sauna, complete with a little shower.
      -Indoor Indycar Paddock and convention center- Everyone should have one!
      -When the haters start posting up pictures of empty grandstands claiming there was no one there like I know they will, don't believe it. That track and the convention center can swallow a crowd like a blue whale swallows plankton. There were probably less people there, just like everyone expected there would be when the race was essentially dead in May. It was still a good crowd worthy of round 3.
      -I watched all but about 15 laps from turn 1 today, then made my way up to the chicane which was right by my bridge to get out. Thanks to the yellows, I didn't miss a thing. Great action from everyone.
      -Even though the Inner Harbor area can be a challenging place to walk around without a race track slammed into it they did a great job making access MUCH better IMHO.
      -I thought the General Admission spectating was pretty good this year. The turn 9-10 straight has an excellent berm. but I have no idea why the heck they insistet on blocking the view from INSIDE of turn 12.
      -HOW the H3!! did RHR save it in that slide into turn 1??? If he doesn't win the championship, That move was certainly worthy of one.
      -What did power say on the radio in his post race interview that they were apologizing all over the place for? my battery died and when i got it pugged in, it had already been said.
      -Didn't Marco stuff it in turn one last year as well?
      -Pagenaud's 6th to First was awesome. Pass of the year IMHO.
      -Penske pretty much screwed the pooch across the board in the race. I believe all three drivers had incidents today.
      -The chicane may have eaten a lot of cars, but It was awesome to watch the cars slam through there from 10 feet away throughout the weekend and I still saw plenty of passing into turn 1.
      -If the organizers can get the funding together, After fixing the light rail tracks issue, I'd really look at bobbing the median that makes the inside wall of turn 4 about ten feet so it can be opened up to make a better corner. I think there could be some passing there if there was a little more room.
      -Simon Pagenaud is a really cool guy. I think he's my daughter's new favorite driver.
      -I'm sure the street course haters are gonna hate, but you jsut have to be there to know how much fun a street race is.
      After about 40 hours of the race track, I was in my car in a parking garage less than 5 minutes after the checkers flew and out of town and home in 40 minutes. It takes me longer to get home on a work day.

      HOW the H3LL do you upload a fricken picture from a dang pos iPhone to this site?????
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