• What an Amazing Weekend!

      Just got back to my room in Boston...what an amazing weekend! I made the decision to get a paddock pass, and it paid off handsomely. Yes, there was A/C, and super clean bathrooms, and decent food (all of which made this the most comfortable racing weekend I've ever been to, even with the weather), but the amazing thing was how close you could get to the cars, teams, drivers, and even legends.

      This will sound backhanded but I mean it as a 100% compliment: it felt like Monster Jam. The same type of access, the same electricity in the air, the same feeling of being an event. I would have loved to bring friends through there, I think they would have been incredibly impressed with the sport. And it was so cool to see my childhood heroes in the flesh. I didn't make any attempts to talk with them, but it was still amazing to look around and see Rahal and Vasser and Foyt and Mears and Kendall and Herta and others. Just phenomenal.

      The race itself was way better than I would have expected, too. The rain certainly helped, but the track also isn't a bad one for a street circuit. My seat was in grandstand 5, so I was able to see down to the hairpin and turn 4, and they proved to be action spots. There was a well deserved round of applause for the safety crew when they got Conway's car off of Jakes and back running again. I'll sleep well tonight, but I wish it ran one more day...
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