• Father and Son Enjoy Baltimore Paddock

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      Was that you in the Oriol Orioles jersey? I was standing directly behind you taking pictures of RHR in victory lane, once the crowd left.
      Yeah. Me and the boy hung around for a while after the ceremony.

      Victory Lane Celebration.

      My Son and his first wife.

      Oriol gives the shirt the thumbs up. I guess I won't have to worry about any lawsuits.

      Its a shame that this one came blurry because we did hang with Justin for about 5 full minutes. I could have taken more.

      Jame Jakes - My son is a cub scout this year, so its great to get to check out the BSA driver and car.

      Sixth to First on a restart, gotta love it.

      My kid wants to get his Dixon Vroooms signed.

      Ricky Davis pulled me & the son aside and gave us an upclose view of Dixon's #9 rocket.

      Mike Hull stopped by and said hello. Gave my son the cap off his head. Looks like Marshal Pruett from speedtv.com in the background.

      Charlie Hung out for a while with the fans. He was chatting it up for a good 10+ minutes with us all while the Chincane matter was being addressed.

      We again get the royal treatment and a crewman gives my son the full orientation of Charlies car.

      I hope that Will doesn't mind the Mike Hulls target cap.

      Too bad my Rubens, TK, and Sebastien picks are too blurry to publish. That will teach me not to check the pics and not to touch the focus on the camera before snapping the picture.
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        abuseddog -
        very cool.....and some people wonder how to increase the fan base

        indoor paddock?
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