• Embrace what is right with the sport and move forward!!!!

      Iím a fairly recent Indycar fan. I remember watching a few races on TV when I was a kid and found it interesting, but I just never got totally hooked on it. The only race event that I ever heard much about was the Indy 500. I found NASCAR to be boring, but the speed and looks of the Indycars got me to at least pay a little attention and I knew the names of the legendary drivers.

      Several years ago I was growing disillusioned with the sports I had traditionally followed and needed something new. That year I watched the 2008 Indy 500 and thought to myself that maybe this was something I could get interested in. I watched all the remaining races that season and, before the year was over, I was hooked. Iíve been an avid fan ever since.

      Since Iím watching the sport seriously for the first time in my life, I have no preconceived ideas about what Indycar racing should be or what the cars should look like. I see it for what it is now and I love it. I like the cars, I like the drivers, I like the venues, and I like the racing (particularly this year). I donít care thatís its not what it use to be in the good old days, and most new fans donít give a crap about all the stuff the complainers complain about because they donít know any differently.

      I certainly understand the old-timers being disillusioned with the new product because I can relate. I use to be a big NFL fan, but now I rarely watch because I donít like the way the game is played today. The players have gotten so big and strong that theyíve had to change the rules to protect players. I liked it better when the players were smaller and the rules looser. I also donít like the excessive celebration in todayís game, and the players generally act like a bunch of punks. But I also realize the game has permanently changed and thereís no point in complaining about it. I also realize that, even though itís not for me, many people enjoy the game as it is. New fans love the modern game and have no interest in hearing me pine for the game to return to what it was in the 1970s and 80s.

      Likewise, new fans are capable of falling in love with Indycar just as it is today. It doesnít have to be remade back into what some old sourpuss thinks it should be to be enjoyed by new fans who donít remember the old days. And the constant complaining only has a negative impact. I get depressed and angry when the complainers start bashing something Iíve grown to have a passion for. The sport has changed, so get over it, focus and the positives, and lets move forward.
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