• ever look up the definition of "diehard"?

      Anyone ever look up the definition of "diehard"? It means "strongly or fanatically determined or devoted"; so are you a diehard fan of IndyCar or a diehard fan of Randy Bernard? 3 years ago no one in IndyCar had even heard of Randy Bernard yet today so many (including Robin Miller) are willing to walk away because Randy isn't going to be the CEO. Really? Yeah, I completely understand where Monica (who's one of the biggest fans of IndyCar that I have ever met) is coming from.

      I liked Randy, I believe he was awesome for the fans of IndyCar. I personally don't understand why they gave him the boot and I definitely don't like the disgraceful way it was done through media leaks, but none of that effects my love of IndyCar racing. I spent my money to go to the track or I dedicated time to watch a race on TV because I wanted to watch IndyCars and the thought that Randy Bernard was the CEO never crossed my mind. I have already said that I liked Randy, but I also see Monica's point in that it is ridiculous to think that the next guy can't be better.

      The Hulman family and company have a lot more at risk than we do, why do we think we (inexperienced bystanders) are better suited to make executive decisions for their company? Trackfourm was wrong about the DW12 being a horrible car a year ago, all judgments made before the first race began; just maybe Trackfourm's rush to judgment is wrong again.
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