• Dear Sherni (a fan's letter to himself)

      I am writing this note to you to remind you off your place in this realm. You visit TF multiple times a day and sometimes chat with her more than you do you wife. It is a place of comfort but can sometimes invoke anger and displeasure. You have met several folks here. Some have left, some have passed on, and some hang on the outside just as you.

      Sherni, you have been to several races and have been treated to great experiences and insight (thanks ted and daddyo). You have seen what the highest of highs can be and the lowest of lows can do.

      Over the last week, you realized that you do not know a whole lot of the sport you love. You have started several comments and threads only to be reminded by your inner council of your ignorance of many things and reminder to shut up. Please remember this.

      Although you do not see and hear what those who lead are doing, please keep in mind your place in this circle. You are a fan of racing. You love the smell of (m)ethanol, rubber, and trackfood. You love getting up early to drive hours to see the gates open. You love the bond it has created with your dad.

      To sum up, it doesn't matter what name is on the door, the color and logo on the shirt, or the number of posts someone has, it is still Indy. You will be back next spring, fired up and ready to see some racing.

      PS - don't forget your sunscreen and fresh batteries
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