• The Indy 500 Database v3

      [Shameless self promotion coming up...]

      Last spring I posted an Excel file that I had created of stats, results, and facts about the Indy 500. A number of people downloaded it and I got a good amount of positive feedback. Over the past several months I have spent countless hours (actually, I did count - it's been about 100 hours) expanding and adding to the database. The file now has over a quarter million bits of data about the Indy 500.

      I'm finding it rather fun to mine the data for unusual facts, and to compile obscure lists about the race. So that these things don't live in perpetuity on my home PC, I've decided to start a blog where I can post them in the event that someone else might find them interesting.

      The blog is at:


      There's a link on the sidebar where you can download the spreadsheet. Use the data however you wish. Or just follow the blog. I am hoping to make it at least a fraction as much fun for other people as this has been so far for me.
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