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Thread: NJ Speedways- Yet Another One Bites The Dust

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    Quote Originally Posted by carl s
    Remember Tex Enright?

    Tex Enright ready to wave the green at Flemington, 1972
    Jeff Scott photo
    One of Tex's sons is the assistant starter at the Orange County Fair Speedway in Middletown, NY

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    That's a great shot! Thanks for sharing.

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    Yes, I remember Tex from East Windsor and Flemington. Throwing the green on the frontstretch and then running to the infield.

    I remember reading an article with a quote from Tex on why he started the races standing on the track. It went something like this; "No one, even if they don't like you, is going to run you down."

    I guess he really had to believe that to do what he did.
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    Tex was one of my heroes growing up at East windsor Speedway.

    After he stopped flagging there around 1974 or so, the next flag man started races from the normal spot.

    I was all disappointed. cuz the new flag man didnt do it on the track like Tex did.

    Funny side-bar. This was probably around 2002 or 2003, but we had vintage modifieds running an exhibition race at New Egypt one weekend.

    I was Asst Starter and I told the head starter that he should "do a Tex" for the vintage race.

    He started the race down on the track and was running towrds turn 4 waving the green at the cars as they came off Turn 4 and the race director nearly had a heart attack.

    He was screaming into the radio "FRANK WHAT ARE YOU DOING????"

    just hilarious. I didnt think he would actually do it.
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