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Thread: Graham Rahal's New Sponsor

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    Part of me still hopes Graham will be sitting in that Nat'l Guard car next year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tabernerus View Post
    Freakin' ride-buyer, bringing his personal sponsor deal to a team. He's keeping a young dirt-tracker out of that seat!
    BINGO!!! That's all I have to say for that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by indyracefan View Post
    Bobby Rahal just recently hired former Miller Brewing sports marketing director Mike Welsh as Vice-President of Commercial Development for Rahal Letterman Racing with the expressed intent of getting sponsorship for a full-time IndyCar team next season.
    This is a good sign.
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    Look's like Service Central will be looking for the best ride available for Graham. I think he'll land a third car at Ganassi but Penske is looking for sponsors. Does the Service Central deal involve enough cash to bump Briscoe out of his seat?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sdbolton View Post
    Where does this leave Jay Howard for a sponsor next year?
    Probably on the sidelines....not so sure that is a bad thing
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    Quote Originally Posted by NMan View Post
    I guess not taking that Dale Coyne ride for this season really worked out well for Graham.
    The deal with Coyne was for 2 years. I'll wait until next year and see where he ends up.

    Graham finished 31 points behind Lloyd (driving for Coyne) and Graham missed 5 races! I think he did just fine this year

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    From what Cavin was saying the other night, I think Newman Haas is on the Rahal radar also. Probably a choice between them and Ganassi. The question will be whether Service Central will meet chip's price tag?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grizzlor View Post
    From what Cavin was saying the other night, I think Newman Haas is on the Rahal radar also. Probably a choice between them and Ganassi. The question will be whether Service Central will meet chip's price tag?
    What about Panther? Could this conceivably be a second car with them? Wheldon or someone else in the #4 National Guard, and Rahal in the Service Central machine as the second entry?
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    Quote Originally Posted by free2game View Post
    RLR is a factory team in the ALMS now, I doubt they're coming back to the ICS any time soon.
    WHat does one have to do with the other?
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Stickman View Post
    WHat does one have to do with the other?
    With the ALMS, they're able to win races, not have to constantly worry about sponsorship, and it's generally stable. Not to mention takes up a lot of resources to run a two car team.

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    TBC Bob Costarosa says it will be a team that runs up front, this could of course be Marketing PR or it could mean that it is a team with a genuine chance of winning in which case it really limits it to three teams of which Gannassi is the obvious choice.

    I hope it is Ganassi as it would be a drive capable of challenging for a 500 and a championship. With greatest respect to RLR, NHR,SFR and Panther despite their supreme efforts that is unlikely to be the case in 2011.

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    Ganassi always said he would run a third car if the funding matched what Target paid per car. Maybe the funding is at a level that he could run at Ganassi. If that would happen then the Pesnke/Ganassi domination will continue.

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    My bet will be NH. If Grahm goes to Chips team he and his sponsor will be over shadowed by the giants on that squad. With NH he will be the no.1 driver.

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    I would rather be the number 3 driver at Ganassi than the number 1 at Newman Haas. They haven't looked that great this year



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