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Thread: Barfield: "I believe in the right to defend your position...

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    I think the big difference is with walls on the temporary courses, something that happens more in the U.S.-based IndyCar series than other series, maybe. Pantano used his car to set a "pick" on Bourdais, with the wall looming ahead. And Bourdais was faster - he was able to come off the previous corner much stronger, and get alongside. There's aggressive,m and then there's just... dirty. That seemed like what Will Power said about Dario - "he always races me dirty".

    And I think Bourdais would agree
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    Quote Originally Posted by FTHurley View Post
    It sounds like he intends to treat competitors like they're adults who have considered the risks involved and chosen to participate.
    A potentially deadly mistake. Like, who doesn't want to see this kind of awesome action on high speed ovals?

    Drivers are going to block like hell if you let them. They will kill each other if you let them. You can never leave the saftey of the drivers in their own hands.



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