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Thread: Bumper requirements.

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    Bumper requirements.

    Anyone know if they have to pit for a full bumper swap if a broken Kardasian happens? If a following car breaks a wing off from a nudge it best to, but what if the bumper is broke, do they also have to mandatorly pit per safety standards?

    We all saw PT stay on race pace with missing an entire left side front wing up North That was an epic drive.

    Not talking about a saggy Kardasian dripping carbon that abviously needs pathed up from chunks falling off. I'm talking about a rear half or full bumper missing.

    Are they forced to come in for a bumper replacement?

    I ask because, well, team orders and me being a lap down, if I "bumped" a Kardasian as a team mate that could win while a teamate could win... well.

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    Oh the joy of adding rules because of the track we race on. No one would dream of "bumping" a car on an oval! But on these bad street courses we are saddled with and the lack of passing opportunities, you can rest assured they are putting something in place. I'd just as soon take the things off for the Street courses
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