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Thread: Grand Prix - The Killer Years

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    Quote Originally Posted by JAG View Post
    Many people were against his stand on trying to improve safety conditions.
    Yes, and IIRC Jacky Ickx was one of them. Nevertheless, he figured prominently in the show but his former views really didn't come out.

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    Not to mention the effect of driver boycotts.
    Quote Originally Posted by Doc Austin View Post
    Go on the Indycar forum and look at the resistance to replacing the fences with something better. No safety improvements are ever made until it is absolutely forced. There are a few exceptions like SAFER and HANS, but for the most part you have to kill a few people before everyone else wakes up. Incredibly, they were killing drivers 2 or 3 a month back then and still no one would listen. Jackie Stewart was pretty much out there by himself trying to get things done.

    We look back now and think it was stupid to race under those conditions, but what are we going to say in 10 years about how stupid catch fencing and open wheels, open cockpits are today?
    You can be a critical fan without being a Critic... Or can you? Quit your b'tchn and enjoy the racing :D



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