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Thread: No opening race party again this year?

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    No opening race party again this year?

    I thought we would have heard something by now if there was going to be one. I always enjoyed going to IMS for both the opening race party and the season end banquet.

    Oh well....
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    This party was never a INDYCAR Nation function it was a bunch of fans who had a party at Brickyard Crossing than IMS took over.

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    I posted a thread to see if we could get some ideas together:

    As a fellow Bloomington resident, I don't know where all we could go.

    Since the Flag Room is open again, I'm wondering if we can show up there again.
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    It would be nice to find someplace to watch. We live in Paragon now. Not too far from Bloomington. We're still learning our way around bloomington.

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