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Thread: Pikes Peak Hill Climb

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    Pikes Peak Hill Climb

    Could the WRC round in America be the Pikes Peak Hill Climb? I know it would be very short in relation to their other rallies, but it is a very old event that a lot of WRC drivers have run and some have gone on to win.
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    I think they would have it so that it was run like any rally in the area around there and the climb to the summit would be a special stage. The rallys are now I think Tuesday to Sunday including the practice and qualifying.

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    I was wondering if anyone had an opinion of why Peugeot going though the expense of running in PPIHC? They don't sell cars here. Seems like a lot of francs to throw at this for little return. Also, as a Colorado resident, let me say that The Hill is one of the most amazing experiences one can witness in motorsports. If you ever have a chance to go, you must!

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    Like a lot of things, it is the challenge the climb presents. While it is not the only hill climb in the world, it certainly is the "500" of climbs. It allows Peugeot to show off some engineering to the world and a shot at breaking the record. I am really looking forward to the climb this year and wish I could make it to watch in person!!

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    I saw that Simon Pagenaud will be competing in this year's PPHC! Sweet!! Would be nice to see more IndyCar drivers get involved. The Unsers used to OWN Pikes Peak.
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