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Thread: Flashback - Why did Al Unser leave Jim Hall?

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    Quote Originally Posted by frodo13 View Post
    My favorite will always be th '67 Dean Van lines Brabham-Brawner Hawk
    Yea, that was a beautiful car. My favorite will always be the 1965 Indy winner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chaparral4 View Post
    Still an impressive record for a car that never saw the interior of a wind tunnel. Only three Chaparrals were ever made.
    absolutely - I didn't mean to downplay the Chaparral at all - it was an awesome car - just got outmoded quicker than one might have expected (as was the Lotus 79). I kind of miss the days of seat of the pants engineering and I suppose the Chaparral was one of the last truly successful cars of that approach to racing (As was the 1983 Brabham)....

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    Quote Originally Posted by racer47201 View Post
    What no love for Foyt's ground effects car. I akways thought it was a clone of the yellow submarine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Glenn View Post
    Yea, that was a beautiful car. My favorite will always be the 1965 Indy winner.
    Likewise. I saw Mario's car when it was on the pole in 67 and then up close and personal about 40 years later at Monterey. Also saw Clark's car there in 04 (pre restoration) and it's the best looking racecar ever. His 67 Lotus 49, now perfectly restored to its original condition and livery and run by Chris Macallister in vintage FI, is right up there too.



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