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Thread: Dollar General back with SFHR for the Indy 500

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    Is the Quaker Chemical deal as an associate for Indy or will the take over as a primary sponsor for rest of the season, or both? Does anyone know the answer? The article I read was not clear on this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by goldie19 View Post
    I'm sort of torn on this! They leave Sarah at the end of the season...after getting a WIN no less...and now they want to come back for the Big Daddy! If this was Walgreens deciding to do an Indy only I would understand

    It's kinda like divorcing your wife but still getting some, er, benefits, later! Maybe she looks better now or something. I don't know. I'm glad Sarah is picking up funding in an amount that she is satisfied with, but this really speaks to the "only Indy matters" part of our sport
    Ahhhh....but using the ex wife analogy it makes total sense. You both got something out of "the deal" and moved on. Sara needs a sponsor, no other takers. Why not?

    Good luck to them.



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