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Thread: Forward Roll Hoop Test - F1

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    Forward Roll Hoop Test - F1

    This is interesting. A hoop on the front of the tub ahead of the driver to deflect flying debris & tires. (These links only stay alive foe a few days.)


    The article contains an interesting tidbit on canopies.

    On the back of mixed results for the shields - with the polycarbonate one shattering and the aerospace canopy flexing - the roll hoop tests have been more encouraging.

    Too bad, the canopies seemed like they would be the best protection, especially for small parts.

    I hope the video works later.

    It looks ugly, but it may work. I don't see how it would help with flying smaller parts. It appears to be bolted to the pavement. I wonder how secure it can be made to the tub? I suspect it would still get shredded/removed if someone's topside went into the fence.
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    I would think drivers might get a bit distracted by the roll hoop directly in their line of sight. Canopies IMHO would be a better solution.

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    Interesting idea.
    The point about the hoop deflating the tire on impact is a good one as that decreases the probability of tires continuing to bounce or roll and hit someone else.
    That said, aside from making ugly cars uglier the limited driver vision is going to be a problem as is the turbulence a structure like this will send downstream to rear wing and diffusers.
    Many have stated a concern that a canopy increases risk of debris deflecting into the stands. An understandable concern but IMHO, that risk would be no greater than in closed wheel racing whether it be LMP, Grand Am, Super V8 or NASCAR.
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