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Thread: 2012 Indy 500 to be run a second time!

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    2012 Indy 500 to be run a second time!

    Organizers To Hold Race Again This Weekend

    Really, it was great. We have no idea why more people didn't see it the first time." Bernard later acknowledged that no one should have watched June 3's Detroit IndyCar race, which he conceded was "an unwatchable s**tshow.
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    Everybody thank Roger Penske for the awesome show at Detroit! (claps a lot)

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    I was wondering why IMS was still promoting the 2012 Indy 500, this past weekend, during the Texas festivities on the network that used to be known as OLN.

    I guess I now know.

    Maybe for the next IC telecast, we can see that cool Jeret Schroeder/Kroger commercial from a decade ago. That was good stuff!
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    I'm really pumped, because I had to miss my first 500 since 82 due to illness.
    I wonder if we get to re-use our tix too?
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