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    In this mornings dream I was given a football and told I needed to punt it. I walk into a stadium full of people waiting for the punt. I am thinking how can I do this, I have never punted a football, this is crazy, what am I going to do?
    During the kick my foot passed through the football as if it were an image and not a real football which really confused me as it happened.
    I woke up confused, not so different than any other day.

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    My dreams have been a heavy rotation of my mom (who passed away this January), my old classmate (who passed away this April), or dreams where I am famous for doing something, (winning a race/game, marrying the hot girl, etc.)

    Strangest one was the Dream of my classmate. I dreamed that we were high school again and both of us are running on the track and I was better than her. The classmate mentioned was a damn good athlete is real life...played D1 basketball and track. Our girls' track team finished second in state her senior year...and she was our only school representative.

    We talked about our lives and 5 he good times we had. As I went to AK her why she died, she just sped off. As I stop and watch her go, I hear her laughter go fainter and fainter.

    In high school we had a mutual respect for each.other but it never went farther than that. The thought of our best athlete dating me, a bookworm who could trip over a painted line. It would be rocking the wchool foundation to the core. But boy I think of the fun we could have had.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sea Fury View Post
    ...I also used to have a lot of nuclear-war dreams back then, but I imagine a lot of people did.
    Hopefully this won't be deemed political, but I always felt comforted by the idea of MAD and our nuclear deterrent, so I never had fears about that.

    I did have a recurring dream when I was a child of being on an abandoned house boat and being chased by someone trying to kill me and stepping on a rusty nail and trying to run with the nail in my foot and then I would always wake up.

    One of the most vivid adult dreams I can remember was after 9/11, the actual event didn't frighten me at all considering the odds of being involved in a hijacking or terrorist attack less than being struck by lighting, but I had a dream that terrorists hijacked a plane I was on and crashed it into a building. Nothing unique about that scenario obviously, but it was so freaking realistic and vivid, possibly the most realistic and terrifying dream I ever had.

    Then there was the one in college with the two coeds from one of my classes, that was the funnest dream I can still clearly remember but I won't go into details as this is a family site.

    In general not too many other ones stand out over the years.

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    Last night Jamski and Ben Affleck took me around to all their favorite hole in the wall dining spots. But they ordered for me and I didn't like anything. At the end of the evening they got enormous fudgecycles and a got a small cone that was made of cotton candy.
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