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Thread: 100 Indy 500's, 100 iconic songs

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    Yeah, life could be a dream, if only we could give credit to a black quartet:

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    Hey!! Look what's taking over the airwaves…. haven't we heard this somewhere before?

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    What could be a more fitting number for 1954?

    Such a classic- perfect harmonies...

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    Actually, I cannot move on without the the king of all crooner hits and the classicist of all classic country:

    "That's Amore " Deano

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    this and the last are both from '53:

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    Swayin' and Mambo-in' were pretty big in 1954…. all due respect to Rosemary Clooney "Hey Mambo"

    Perry Como finally makes the list:

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    1955 is pure foundation - Bill Haley and His Comets- break through hit song:

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    1955 Chuck Berry - Maybellene

    Why can'tcha be true?

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    Sun Records - Colonel Tom Parker - Elvis Presley. 1955.

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    1955. Classic Platters. Amazing vocals.

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    1955 - another Rock founder, Little Richard:

    Fittingly, I see a Red Bull Air Races ad before this video played. I guess they are on to the fact that race fans are mostly of a by gone era-

    back to the music:

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    1956 is like the Burgess Shale of music, so it is pretty tough to narrow it down, but I think this one is probably the cornerstone:

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    1958…. again, too many great songs. I'm going with this quintessential hit:

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    1959 again. I can't leave out Bobby Darin.

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    And still 1959:

    Ray Charles- classic.

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    1960 Sam Cooke (well don'tchoo know)

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    Why stop there?

    Awesome thread

    Too many great ones that year for me to choose just one

    I don't think we have the diversity and quality in the pop charts anymore, do we?

    "I Fall to Pieces" Patsy Cline

    "Apache" Jørgen Ingmann

    "Blue Moon" The Marcels

    "Runaround Sue" Dion

    "Stand by Me" Ben E. King

    "Pretty Little Angel Eyes" Curtis Lee

    "Take Five" The Dave Brubeck Quartet

    "Tossin' and Turnin'" Bobby Lewis

    "Runaway" Del Shannon
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    1961, Jerry Butler, Curtis Mayfield on backing vocals:



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