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Thread: Cars That Annoy You

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    Wearin' my Vans down by the River...
    Down here in Florida... Especially when I was living in Polk County there were a lot of super lift trucks that the local boys use for muddin' in the swamps. But if you were to find yourself behind one they weren't a vision hindrance at all... As you could see what was ahead of them by looking under them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by window View Post
    What're you driving that you 'can't compete'? (It was -5 to start the day today, OBTW).
    Hyundai Accent chock full of camping gear and suitcases. We call it the clown car...people jaw drop when they see us keep pulling stuff out of it.

    And to clarify my post, I'm a guest down here. I drive at or just above the speed limit and try to stay out of the way of the locals. When some douche
    in a supercar (or 1980 Toyota for that matter) comes flying up on my bumper....rides it for a bit, pulls out and passes, then cuts back in front of us and exits, it trips my trigger. Badly. And it happens all the time.

    -5? I put jeans on for the first time since January 31 yesterday. Check out the temps down here after a month and a half of 80's! At least we are not camping for a couple of nights now. In Cedar Key.



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