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Thread: How old is your computer?

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    I crashed my HP after my 2nd season shooting Late Models. It wasn't made for processing photography. I got the HP when digital photography was still in its infancy, . 2012 is when I stepped up into the Imac and that is when computers began to make sense to me. Drag and drop was made for me, because I still don't know what the heck I'm doing. It's what I got and its what I know how to use. This Mac costs me about 200 bucks a year to maintain, the operating system gets updated all the time and I don't keep up with it, until she finally konks out. I'm stoopid, so I pay Geek Squad, and sit there and watch someone take over my computer and start driving all around it like a wizard on steroids. STOP!!! go back and show me how you did that. The computer is empty, except for 100,000 photos. When I got to 100,000, everything shut down, and I figured out on my own how to go in and clean it out. I typically shoot 200, 500, or a 1000 shots in a day, but i kept every single shot. Now I've learned to skim the cream and dump the rest. If I do that and avoid nude women, this thing will keep going and going.
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    Cinco de Mayo 2016 was my last workday.

    Bought this one (my first) on the way home.

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    Our home is like the Island of Misfit Toys for Macs. Nothing newer than 2008, I think, and the only one bought new was Shell's. One of the few benefits to being in IT is you get old machines to play with.
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