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Thread: The faces of Alzheimers---Literally

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    The faces of Alzheimers---Literally

    "Your multi-lingual business friend has packed her bags and fled.
    Leaving only ash filled ashtrays, and a lipsticked unmade bed."
    ~~Keith Reed
    "I don't think you can pour water out of a boot with the instructions stamped on the bottom of the heel.." ~~window

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    Should be required reading and viewing.

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    Recently CBS had a segment about an extended family in Colombia who all have a genetic mutation that makes them uniquely disposed toward Alzheimer's. But they also serve as a willing laboratory for the latest advances and experiments in Alzheimer's drugs.
    In addition to math, science, and language studies, our schools should be teaching personal finance and logic, both of which are key to personal success and wisdom -- and which are seriously lacking in the general population.



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