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    My Son-in-law brought a 10 pound brisket to the lake for the 4th. I had never smoked one before
    so I over thought (actually WE overthought) the thing and finally put it on my electric Brinkman at 7am.

    I used hickory and a rub recipe I found on line. It stalled right at 170 internal temp, just as everything I
    read said it would. I put it in foil (the Texas crutch...) with some beer and about a half hour later the
    internal temp started to climb again...also as it was supposed to do. When it hit 185 at around 2pm I took it off the smoker and
    put it in a cold oven for a couple hours. I turned the oven on to 170 about an hour before dinner time.

    It was melt in your mouth tender and had just the right amount of smoke flavor.

    At age 63 I only have so many summers left and I can NOT believe I waited so long to do this!

    The same thing happened to me with a standing rib roast at Christmas time. The price and cut of the meat
    intimidated me but they were stupid easy to do.

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