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Thread: A little look on IndyCar Street Circuits...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ACCP View Post
    There aren't enough churches around street circuits, though I would certainly be upset if I was a member of the congregation and had to miss 9AM Mass because of morning warm up!
    But if a member of the congregation is also a motor sport fan... this experience would be 'heavenly music' to his ears...

    Quote Originally Posted by flatlander_48 View Post
    F1 was in downtown Detroit from ‘82 through ‘88. I was there for every one. I lived in Toledo, OH which was about a 1 hour drive to downtown Detroit. Typically I would be there on Friday and Saturday with a General Admission ticket and a Paddock Pass. The Paddock was downstairs in Cobo Hall. On Sunday I would stay home and watch on TV. The only year I actually had a grandstand ticket was ‘84 for Nelson Piquet’s win. I attended all 3 days.

    That photo of the hairpin at the northeast end of the course shows why they only had that for the 1st year. That accident that is just starting in the photo blocked the width of the track and everyone had to stop until cars were moved.

    Some significant things did happen during that 7 year run:

    • In ‘82 John Watson went from 17th to 1st to win. Running a McLaren-Cosworth against turbo cars, he took advantage of instantly torquey Cosworth in order to get around the turbo cars with their lag.
    • In ‘83 Michele Alboreto took the last win for a Cosworth DFV powered F1 car. I had occasion to talk to Ken Tyrrell at an SAE exposition a year or 2 later. He told me that they never knew how Alboreto managed to get the car stopped as the brakes always showed hardly any wear.
    • Senna won 3 straight times to close out the run in downtown Detroit.
    • ’88 was the year of the all-conquering McLaren MP4/4

    There is an excellent picture book on the F1 years by photographer Roger Hart, called Postcards From Detroit.

    I was also there for the CART continuation, ‘89 through ‘91. In ‘92 I moved away from Ohio and never did make it out for the Belle Isle races.

    Oh, can you tell us something more about your experience, flatlander_48??

    Any one to add his personal experience for the circuits already seen??

    Cleveland (OH)
    Ceasars Palace (LV)
    Long Beach (CAL)
    Meadowlands (NY)
    Tamiami Park (MIA)
    Toronto (ONT)
    Detroit (DET)
    Vancouver (COL)
    Denver (DNV)
    Detroit Belle Isle (DET)

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlfaRomeo182T View Post
    For 1992 race offficials plans to move to Manhattan, using a street-course around the World Trace Center. Cost implications canceled the project.
    Info about the proposed NYC race: LINK

    Last month I was in NYC, and while visiting the 9/11 Memorial, I took a brief walk around the perimeter roads out of curiosity. To see where the race track layout would have been. I don't think it's perfectly re-traceable anymore because some of the roads have been slightly reconfigured since they rebuilt the WTC, but either way you can see where it would have been set up.

    Looking at it today, I don't see how they could have done it. It just seems like a crazy plan. I have no idea where fans would have sat, how and where bleachers could have even been set up, and how anyone (even TV cameras) could have seen anything with the tall buildings everywhere and cavernous surroundings...not to mention the walls and catch fences that would have exacerbated the situation. Maybe it sounded like a neat idea, but entirely impractical.



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