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Thread: Ear Plugs - NHRA

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    Question Ear Plugs - NHRA

    Anyone have a recommendation for hearing protection to use during an NHRA event? I'll be going for the first time next month when they visit Seattle. Our seats are about 10 rows up and behind the starting line. Are standard earplugs o.k. or do we need something else? Thanks.

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    Standard plugs will be ok.

    Just remember to open your mouth when the diggers and funnys launch.

    It helps equalize the pressure on your diaphram and prevent blackout.

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    I would recommend anything that shows a NRR rating of 30 or more on the packaging. While the NRR is NOT an actual noise reduction rating (in all actuality it's about half of that) it's a good place to start.

    If you really want to be careful wear a pair of foam plugs properly (roll them into TIGHT crease free cylinders, reach over your head and pull up and out on the top of your ear and insert the plug, hold it in place until you feel it seal.) and wear a pair of muffs over them, this will not double your protection but it will provide the maximum noise reduction available.

    While the Drags only offer short blasts of noise, they are HUGE DECIBEL numbers, fully capable of causing immediate and irreversable hearing loss.

    Sorry to preach, I love the drags as much as the next guy, but it's always best to be safe.

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    Ya gotta catch just ONE pass without 'em, though!



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