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Thread: Car in the movie -- "The Birds"

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    Car in the movie -- "The Birds"

    Caught a portion of Hitchcock's "The Birds" the other nite.... got to wondering about the convertible sports car the heroine drove... anybody know what it was? Looked British... maybe an Aston Martin or a Talbot or osmething? The movie came out in 1963, so it would have been an early 60's car.

    You guys and gals here know everything, soooo ????

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    I've tried googling for a screenshot and only found one picture of the car. It only showed part of it though. I'm 90% certain it was an Aston Martin DB2, but there's an outside chance it was a Bristol 405 or 406 (unlikely as they were so rare and expensive).
    If someone can post a picture or a link to one .....
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    It was indeed an Aston Martin DB2. To be accurate, a DB2/4 convertible.

    It's for sale, should you wish to part with 115000 Euros:
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    Thanks! I knew somebody here would know.



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