Former driver Leroy Neumayer has a serious lung disorder and is currently in the hospital in Jackson, Wyoming, two hundred miles from home in Pinedale. Good news is the elevation is 1,000 feet less than at home. The problem is not necessarily his breathing. In fact his wife Joanie reports that his breathing is relatively good at this point although his lungs are quite damaged.

His major problem is a viral infection that he has picked up that is
in his stomach. The hospital has him on antibiotics for this ailment which did not manifest itself prior to entering hospital.

Apparently he has been in the hospital, then home, back in the
hospital and into a nursing home and back in the hospital. In addition, he has a broken tail bone. The tailbone is probably a result of being on predazone and it having weakened his bones. He is very uncomfortable.

He doesn't want to talk on the telephone. Joanie says that Leroy will probably have to go into a nursing home connected to the hospital where he is currently in Jackson, Wyo. He would welcome cards from his friends and fans. Addresses are:

home :
Leroy and Joanie Neumayer
306 S. Lincoln
Pinedale, Wyoming 82941 ..........

and the hospital is:
Leroy Neumayer
C/O St. Johns Medical Center
Jackson, Wy. 83001