Everyone in the racing world always talks about how we are one big
family, it has been proven time and time again in many different ways
over the years, but maybe not as much as it has been in the last two
As we all know Cody Hewitt and friend RuthAnn Myers were injured in a
motorcycle accident nearly one month ago. Word of the accident spread
through the racing community like a wildfire and everyone began to pray
for Cody, RuthAnn, and both of their families.
During this years Valvoline USAC Indiana Sprint Week a few people put
together a Silent Auction to let them know that just how much we care
for them during this tough time.
While all of the money raised is not in yet we expect it to be over four thousand dollars. We would like to acknowledge all the great people who helped out. If anyone is left out
we apologize.
--Ray Skillman/Harley Marshall for the helmet signed by the 2005 ISW
--All the photographers for donating the awesome pictures.
--DO and his Gotta Race 2005 gang for the videos and mentions during the
webcast on Monks Media.
--Jason Leffler, Kasey Kahne, and Steve Kinser for the donated items,
along with Bud Kaeding for taking care of those things for the auction.
--Rollie Hemling and everyone at USAC for the Jeff Gordon Pepsi Midget
die-cast along with their support and courtesy.
--The ISW tracks and their announcers for their help, courtesy, promotion and cooperation.
--All the 2005 ISW drivers for taking the time to autograph the many
great donated items along with donating some things of their own.
--Many other notables for their help, donations, ect. include but not
just limited to: Bob Black (HARF President), Lauren Besecker, Judy Yeley, Randy Mortland, Chris Jockish, Jerry Shaw and all the great people who made donations and support

The auction may be over but the prayers are not, to Cody, RuthAnn, and
both of your families you are all still in our hearts and prayers, God
Bless, get well, see you soon!

Your Racing Family

Leslie Anderson
Circle Track Motorsports
Cell (765)585-3697

John Hoover